Jim is a big picture guy with a view on the future as well as the present. As a client, he is a pleasure to work with, because he is thorough, organized, and understanding of the needs of his constituency. He can take an ordinary project and help make it interesting. His communication is clear, and our design group has been able to provide award winning design collateral because of his leadership on the projects. One of the greatest things about Jim is that he allows those he works with to be themselves. Not to mention he is one of the nicest guys you could ever work with.

Dan Banks, Founder, Project Design Company

Dissemination is critical to any research, education and practice guidelines enterprise. Jim Angelo was my key partner in reaching out to professional, consumers and agencies about PVA research, education and practice guidelines efforts. Jim is a thorough and insightful publisher and promotions manager for Paralyzed Veterans of America. He repeatedly raised my products to high standards of content, production and distribution. Jim has a market awareness approach that worked across the spinal cord injury and disease field both domestically and internationally. Jim also has a great handle on current media tools and trends, who could can deliver a publication to where it needs to be. Jim is a steady team member and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Jim for any publication or audience outreach effort regardless of the media.

 Thomas E. Stripling, Research Consultant



I met Jim during his time as the interim Associate Vice President of our Books and Digital Publishing Department. Jim's knowledge of publishing and instincts for content development are unique and insightful. He was able to assess our challenges and present solutions. We worked extremely diligently during a challenging and busy time prior to the APhA Annual Meeting, and he was able to manage the team so we could create deliverables on time and on schedule. He has advised and mentored me about what to do to succeed in my career. It was nice to have the opportunity to see his unique perspectives of our department from a publisher's view.

Janan Sarwar, PharmD
Director, Content Development at American Pharmacists Association