3 Pillars Publishing Consulting

Knowledge, Experience, Innovation, Commitment

A veteran of association and STM (Science, Technology, and Medicine) publishing with more than 25 years of experience, I have the publishing knowledge and management expertise to help you with the business of publishing.

As a capstone to my career in association publishing, many as a senior-level manager, I am now working as a full-time publishing management consultant and editor.  My years of experience as a senior manager can help you re-envision your publishing program; let me strategize how to best serve your members’ information needs, and how your publications program can be competitive and experience positive growth and sustainability.

What I Can do for Your Organization

My experience spans all areas of publishing: from reviewing submissions through publication; from working with individual writers and peer reviewers to large, de-centralized groups such as editorial boards; from traditional branding and marketing to digital publishing and social media campaigns; and from editorial management and editing to design and print management.

What I can do for Your Project

I specialize in content editing, including manuscript assessments, developmental and substantive editing, and copyediting and proofreading. 

I have edited medical books for health-care professionals and consumers, books on disability rights and accessible design, NASA historical series, books for pharmacists, journal articles, annual reports, medical conference proceedings, and newsletters, as well as a host of other material.  In addition, I have edited art exhibit catalogs, poetry magazines, and PhD dissertations.

I am proficient with a wide variety of style manuals, including the Chicago Manual of Style, the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, and the American Medical Association Manual of Style.

My services support academic and trade associations, nonprofits, publishers, authors, and Ph.D. candidates.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you meet the goals and desired outcomes of your publishing program or projects.